Santana Organic Industries Soin

Santana Organic Industries Soin

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As an Ecuadorian brand, we are aware of the social responsibility that bears upon our shoulders. Therefore, the plant has developed a series of social strategies to guarantee the employment of the Ecuadorian population, giving many opportunities to local women and members of rural communities or unprivileged families. The population of Ecuador is respected for its skills, values, and persistence, making them an essential asset for production. We practice an equal and objective workforce selection, that considers and decides based on social needs. For the moment, our workforce consists of a group of workers, both male and female, that are considered, more as members of a big family, than as simple workers. The female presence is represented and equally trained in the company. The measures of the equality plan are considered in a participatory and systematic way. It is a joint work where equality is promoted, which means that all people, without any distinction, have the same rights and duties towards the company. We provide attention and assistance to our workforce, as we develop a series of practices that guarantee their physical and emotional wellbeing.
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    On the other hand, we also contribute to the UN’s Goals for Sustainable Development, as we consider the responsibility to guarantee a sustainable future for the next generations, knowing that it relays, not only on the government but also on the civil society and private companies. By being committed to the SDGs, gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also one of the essential foundations for building a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world. We are committed to reinforce and generate a positive change in social, economic, and environmental fields, by maintaining ethical production mechanisms that allow the development of the company without jeopardizing the ability of others to do so, too. We see sustainability as an important route for business development because it is a path of innovation and it is an important part of our growth strategy.

    As our production is aligned to an ethical, social and environmental responsibility, we have witnessed the impact of these major aspects on our productivity, as the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and liberties which have optimized the effectiveness of the general efficiency. The trust, commitment, and respect from the company itself, to its employees and families, and the local community and national society, have created a safe work environment for the local people, as well as a production plant that archives high levels of effectiveness, that also promotes the national culture.
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